Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Grand Entrance In Zimbabwe

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the leader of the Christ Embassy and the Love World International. He has been doing the ministry work for over 30 years. Chris Oyakhilome is among the few anointed to spread the word of God across the world. His anointed leadership has led to the creation of his global ministry which has attracted millions of audience from all continents in the world. The church has more than 100 branches in Zimbabwe.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has reached out to this people through televising his gospel and the healing ministries. In addition, he is an author where he continues to attract an audience of all walks of life who join in fellowship with him. He is known for one of his books called the Rhapsody of realities. It is a devotional book which has been translated to more than 800 languages with more than a million copies which are across the world. In addition, there is also the Healing from Heaven and the Power of your mind together with numerous DVDs.

Pastor Chris is passionate about the ministry work and has made the word of God accessible to millions across the world. Through this millions have experienced the great work of God in their lives. He holds many healing and teaching crusades. For instance he held the Higher Life Conference and also the Night of Bliss that were held across the world in many cities. One of his conferences in Nigeria had over 3.5 million followers who had gone to seek God.

Christ Embassy Churches are across five continents which dwell in building faith in its followers and giving them divine insight on the values of Christians. This church airs its daily teachings on televisions like the LoveWorldTV based in the UK .The Love World SAT which is based in South Africa and the Love World PLUS that is situated in Nigeria.

In addition, the churches readings are televised across various radio stations in Africa, the USA and UK also recorded and in video formats. Christ ministry operates in several arms which include the healing school and a daily devotion.

Pastor Chris is scheduled to have a maiden entrance to Zimbabwe .he is scheduled to open his church or launch Christ Embassy’s global worship and miracle service. The grand launch will be on 7th May in Harare the capital of Zimbabwe and there are no entry charges. Pastor Chris refers to this grand lunch as very special for people will receive anointing and the World will witness the grace of God.

The event is planned to take place at the National Sports Stadium. It won’t be just the ordinary event but people are invited for worship and praise as the glory of God will be in the nation and people will receive blessings.

Many residents of Zimbabwe have been looking forward to this events .They first heard of the event during the launch of the Bliss program early this year in South Africa when he made a declaration that Zimbabwe is a miracle and that God hasn’t locked Zimbabwe out. He has heard the prayers of the people of Zimbabwe and Pastor Chris has been sent to deliver the message and all are invited.